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LaDena Chisum, a native of Waukegan, IL. LaDena is a Wife, Mother, Kingdom Citizen, Certified Spiritual Life Coach for Women, Young Adult Success Coach, Empowerment Speaker, Blogger, and Radio Host. After years of tackling life on her own accord, there was a urge to surrender her life to a higher power. LaDena is all too familiar with making the same choices hoping for different results. The decision to surrender it all to God led directly to purpose. Understanding her purpose and walking in it were two different things but choosing to build an intimate relationship with God, her steps were being ordered. Overcoming Domestic abuse, single parenting, rejection, abandonment, and low-self esteem. Her purpose and passion is to help others understand the process of walking unapologetically bold and purposely authentic! Which in her words,  means "LIVING RADICAL!" Process means, a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end. LaDena affectionately called Coach "L" understands from her personal journey that we all have a past and our past has nothing to do with our future. Being a personal process coach sets the tone that there will be  an action plan in place to uncover and rediscover to reach a destination, which is  PURPOSE! 

LaDena attended the Tony Gaskins Life Coaching Academy to obtain her life coaching certification in 2017.  Throughout the process, LaDena began to heal from past generational dysfunctions by acknowledging her truth, forgiveness, and understanding of how traumatic experiences shaped her mindset and thought process. Ultimately, she identified the circumstances and choices in her life were the steps endured to uncover her purpose.  Through her healing she became dedicated in helping others journey backwards to the root cause in order to move forward. Purpose was the key that unlocked the dedication to coach.

 After graduating, she launched her coaching business Radical LYFE Coaching.  Her initial focus was to coach women. There's no stamp on age because the goal is to coach through the process to reach purpose. Coach "L" coaches women through the process to overcome domestic abuse, narcissistic abuse, low self esteem, abandonment, rejection, traumatic dysfunction, and religious conditioning. Coach "L" warns, healing hurts but it's a necessary part of your process to become unapologetically bold and purposely authentic!

Her passion for young adults stems from her challenges as a young person struggling with the divorce of her parents and lack of communicating her feelings. Coach "L" is transparent when working with youth because she knows matter of factly that if you can't be real with our young people you will not be able to reach them. Meeting young people where they are and being authentic allows for trust to be established! Coach says, our young people are "THE ONES!" They are the ones that change change and shape our future if they get the proper support, love, nurturing, authenticity, and accountability. They have a process to go through and it may not always be easy to see but it doesn't dictate their future!

Coach "L" worked full time as a success coach with young adults ages 16-24 at YouthBuild Lake County, North Chicago Illinois from 2018-2021. Moving to Georgia July 2021 for the opportunity to work as a independent contractor/Success Coach for The Georgia Building Trades Academy YouthBuild currently. She is coaching part time in her private coaching business Radical L.Y.F.E. Coaching. Women all ages and young adults 16-24



Her coaching style is authentic and genuine. Transparency is the key to her coaching success. Keeping it real and not adding judgement  allows Coach "L" to build a rapport with her clients and gives the confidence to do "THE WORK". Doing the work from the inside out is what brings healing. She walks alongside her clients through their process and is confident that  Truth + Acceptance x Forgiveness = HEALING. Coach "L" is your Personal PROCESS Coach. BOOK TODAY!

 RADICAL simply means "grasping things at the root"

~Angela Davis

Coach "L" is not a licensed therapist and reserves the right to refer clients to a licensed therapist for service

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